How To Track The Most Popular Keywords And Highly Competitive Domains With Semalt's Best Pages Tool

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   1. Introduction
   2. Why You Should Use The Semalt's Best Page Tool
   3. Features Of Semalt's Best Pages Tracking Tool
   4. Getting Started


The Best Pages tool gives you an insight into your website's best pages in terms of traffic generation and ranking. You will find a chart that shows the changes in the number of website pages in TOP since the inception of your project till date. You will also be able to know the number of website pages in Google TOP 1-100 organic search results, as opposed to an earlier date. You can also view it as a bar chart as opposed to the regular numerical summary. 

There is another chart that lets you know the changes in the number of keywords your selected pages have been ranking for in TOP from the launch date of your pages. Here, you can sort out your webpages to know the ones that have better traffic and conversion. Doing the sorting with Semalt's Best Pages tool as opposed to manual sorting and ranking reduces stress while also making it possible to cover multiple pages at once. 

Why You Should Use The Semalt's Best Pages Tool

Finding out how to create the best pages for your website with high traffic and conversion takes time, but with a little work, you can make a huge difference in your website's efficiency. Make sure that you take the time to ensure that your website runs smoothly and efficiently, and that you choose categories that will allow you to target specific audiences. 

It is not always as easy as it seems when you are working on a website for high traffic and conversion, but if you can, these steps should help you get your website running as good as possible.

The Best Page tool is one of the most effective and innovative tools to rank which rank and track the most popular keywords and highly competitive domains. It can be used to monitor the domain links from the best pages on major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Also, it helps you find the backlinks from low quality pages, thereby saving you time and money.

Features Of Semalt's Best Pages Tracking Tool

The system includes highly advanced features like the ability to analyze the keyword density, page content, title and domain age of each page. In addition to all these features, it also provides you with the capability of monitoring the anchor texts used on each individual page. You can also view the anchor texts in the original language, besides getting the English translation. It even allows you to know the percentage of the web traffic coming from the various search engines.

In its most basic level, the Semalt best pages tracker and ranker tool help you to monitor the number of visitors to each individual page. However, you can also get more advanced stats, which allow you to track the click-through rate, bounce rate, and total number of pages viewed. You can use this to identify which pages are the most popular and therefore should feature high in your site.

There are many web traffic analysis software programs that claim to help you increase your site traffic. However, these programs usually fail to provide detailed information about your pages. The best pages tracker and ranker software program identifies all the elements that a visitor goes through when he or she is browsing your site. 

These elements can include the home page, footer, navigation bar, and any other HTML components. This kind of detailed information allows you to customise your site architecture. And yes, Semalt's SEO analysis tools have this.

Search engines, such as Google, use a unique identifier, or URL, to determine which pages on your site have been accessed. This means that your system must have an effective way of identifying which pages link to which, and what domain names are linked to which. By default, search engines list all links on the left hand side of a page. 

However, if you use the Semalt Best Pages Tracker and Ranker System, you can change this so that search engines only list the pages that have been viewed. If you do not wish to display links, then you can do so in the advanced options.

To make sure that your Semalt page tracker and ranker system are able to accurately record the details of each page that is viewed, it is important that you have a large number of webpages to analyse. This allows you to identify which aspects of each page contribute to a particular page's ranking. The more pages that Semalt has analysed, the easier it becomes to determine which factors are important to search engines, and which are less important.

As you can see, using a search engine submission software program, such as the Semalt Best Pages Tracker can improve your website's traffic. The software is able to identify which web pages are of interest to your visitors, and gives them detailed information about each page. This information enables your visitors to find out more information about your business and improve their interest in returning to your site.

Getting Started

To get you started on the best pages tool. You should input your website's URL in the URL space as seen below. 

After inputting your web URL, click enter on your keyboard so Semalt's Best Pages crawl bots can analyze your site.

If you do everything correctly, the result of your imputation should look like the image above and below.

Now that you have the result generated by the Best Pages bots, you should know your best performing pages. It's not enough to have the audit report of your website's best ranking pages, you should also endeavor to improve the condition of your site and seek better ranking website data. Of course, Semalt should be your go-to in this area. Our expert SEO team is always available to help you get that top ranking site you so desire. 

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